Thursday, 22 May 2014

New Jacky Tsai Prints in Situ at Shanghai Tang Launch, Hong Kong

Here are the works we recently printed in the studio for Jacky Tsai at the launch last week of his new range for clothing brand Shanghai Tang in Hong Kong.  Jacky currently has a solo show of works with Scream Gallery in London so please go and check it out before the 20th June.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Jacky Tsai, Experimental Series

Ginger Flower, Part of Experimental Series.
Ginger Flower, Close Up
Floral Play, Part of Experimental Series
Floral Play, Close Up
                                                           Chairman Mao, Progress Shot

Introducing the first glimpse of a range of experimental work by contemporary Chinese artist Jacky Tsai. Jacky has three upcoming shows in May and we have been collaborating in creating unique screen print works for each. The images above show 2 works, 'Floral Play' and 'Ginger Flower', which will be shown in Hong Kong, as well as the beginning of a third piece named 'Chairman Mao' which will be shown at Scream Gallery in London. There will also be a third display of paper prints through Eyestorm gallery in Singapore, watch this space.